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Private Gastroenterologist – The London Gastroenterology Centre

The London Gastroenterology Centre is situated in central London and has offices in convenient locations in the suburbs. Our doctors are all renowned specialists in gastrointestinal diseases and all hold consultant posts in top London teaching hospitals. We offer treatments for all types of gastrointestinal disease

The team is led by Professor Laurence Lovat, Professor of Gastroenterology & Biophotonics at University College London (UCL) and Consultant Gastroenterologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

All our specialists are experts in endoscopy. Our private gastroenterologists, Professor Lovat, Dr Rahman and Dr Haidry, are all also experts in colonoscopy and irritable bowel syndrome, for which we offer a wide variety of tests and treatments. Please see our webpages for more details. 

Professor Lovat has a major interest in complicated indigestion, acid reflux and Barrett’s oesophagus. He leads a research team investigating new ways to prevent and treat oesophageal cancer. Dr Haidry is also an expert in treatment of acid reflux and Barrett’s oesophagus.

Dr Rahman has a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease.

Professor Mughal is an upper GI surgeon with particular expertise in all forms of upper gastrointestinal surgery including surgery for acid reflux, cancer and, of course, gallstones

Nausheen Hamid is a specialist Gastroenterology dietitian and is happy to advise on diet and nutritional issues. 

We run a blog to update you on relevant issues. Please do look at it, or sign up to our Facebook page. All our blogs are published there also. 

We would be delighted to serve you at the London Gastroenterology Centre. Contact us at [javascript protected email address] for a consultation with our private gastroenterologists and surgeon.


Professor Laurence Lovat
Professor of Gastroenterology & Biophotonics
Dr Rehan Haidry
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Dr Farooq Rahman
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Rami Sweis
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Professor Marco Novelli
Consultant Histopathologist
Dr Shameer Mehta
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Dr Martin Stotz
Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Zahir Amin
Consultant Radiologist
You talk to the patent before the endoscopy and make him feel comfortable. You have light hands and the endoscopy didn’t hurt. I thought it would be painful but it was not at all.
- Mr KAG, Kuwait
The amazing thing is that the overgrowth and the tumour that you removed have not grown back, you saved his life, God bless you.
- Mrs LD, Hertfordshire
“No retching? You did my gastroscopy with no retching? How did you manage that? Amazing! I was in a state. I delayed coming for 2 months until my husband said “Your life is so miserable. Go and do it.” If I’d known I would have come much sooner.”
- Mrs RL, Isle of Wight
Once again, I¹d like to thank you for your kindness and sensitive approach to your patients. It is really deeply appreciated
- Mrs DP, London
'I would like to thank you form the bottom of your heart not only for your readiness to perform endoscopy on a Sunday evening but also for the exceptional kindness towards both my mother and myself'
- Mrs JL, Cambridge