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Muscular trigger points and heartburn

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  One cause of heartburn which is frequently overlooked is pain from muscle trigger points. These can mimic acid reflux and yet be entirely unresponsive to acid suppression drugs. When I suggest this to people, they are quite surprised that their ‘reflux’ or ‘hiatus hernia’ is actually nothing of the sort. I am able to Read More

Does Diagnosing Barrett’s Oesophagus Improve Cancer Outcome

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One of the most important questions in the whole field of Barrett’s oesophagus is whether diagnosing it makes any difference. For most people, Barrett’s is a curiosity – the lining of the gullet changes from the normal pale pink to a salmon red colour. It is thought that this decreases the sensitivity to acid and Read More

Should doctors go on strike?

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Doctors are taking industrial action for the first time in 40 years in the UK! I have found this a very difficult issue. We earn well compared to most people. The country is in the middle of an austerity drive unparalleled in our life times. And yet, doctors pensions were renegotiated only 4 years ago, Read More