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The History and Future of Colonoscopy

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“A quantum advance in abdominal surgery.” – Dr. Francis Moore When were colonoscopies first performed? Modern day colonoscopies were first performed in 1969 when the procedure was a revolutionary one. Developing and perfecting the colonoscopy took time and medical professionals met with many difficulties in the beginning. Dr. William I. Wolff and his colleague, Dr. Read More

Endoscopy: Dealing With Procedure Anxiety

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Endoscopies are vital and often life-saving procedures that help to diagnose a variety of diseases and medical conditions. However, many patients do experience anxiety about these procedures, and require some reassurance. At the London Gastroenterology Centre, we’re medical professionals who specialise in endoscopy in London. As such, we’ll help you to minimise your procedure anxiety Read More

The FODMAP Diet Explained

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If you suffer from IBS or another functional gastro-intestinal disorder, and you’ve looked into ways to improve your condition, you will most likely have come across references to the low-FODMAP diet. Developed by Peter Gibson and Susan Shepherd at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, it is often recommended to sufferers as a way to reduce Read More

Treatments Explained (Part One)

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If you suffer from a digestive disorder such as IBS or acid reflux, you will be well aware that the symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and incredibly unpleasant. This is why many people like you come to the London Gastroenterology Centre for diagnosis and treatment. However, the treatments can sometimes seem just as unpleasant as Read More