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What is diarrhoea and what causes it? Diarrhoea is when you pass stools more frequently than normal. The stools are typically looser and more watery. As opposed to constipation, which was discussed last week, diarrhoea occurs because of insufficient water absorption from the bowel. This can happen, for example, if the food you eat passes Read More


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What is constipation and what causes it? Constipation is a condition in which you have difficulty passing stools regularly. If you are constipated, you may also likely spend longer on the toilet trying to relieve yourself. Because the stools remain within the large bowel for long periods of time, a lot of the water content Read More


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The biological role of minerals This table shows the approxmate quantities of some of the minerals in the body Metal Total body stores (g) Zinc 1.8 Iron 3.7 Calcium 1,000   Zinc Zinc is found in all of your bodily tissues but its concentration is especially high in the liver, kidney, bone and muscle. It Read More

Body weight: what causes hunger and why is it important to maintain a low body weight?

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Everyone gets hungry from time to time. And some people get hungry more often than others. In this article I hope to explain why people get hungry, from a scientific point of view. The brain is composed of lots of different areas, involved in lots of different tasks. One such area is called the hypothalamus. Read More