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The Link Between Barrett’s Oesophagus and Oesophageal Cancer

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Barrett’s oesophagus is considered a pre-cancerous condition. Being diagnosed with Barrett’s oesophagus doesn’t mean that you have cancer or even that you will definitely go on to develop cancer. However, it does mean that you are at higher than normal risk of developing oesophageal cancer in the future. The abnormal cells in your oesophagus could Read More

Treatments Explained (Part One)

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If you suffer from a digestive disorder such as IBS or acid reflux, you will be well aware that the symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and incredibly unpleasant. This is why many people like you come to the London Gastroenterology Centre for diagnosis and treatment. However, the treatments can sometimes seem just as unpleasant as Read More

Test for Barrett’s Oesophagus in under a minute!

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Imagine this: swallowing a pill and less than a minutes later, your doctor can see if you have a life threatening illness. The alternative: being sedated for 90 minutes, receiving slower results and inferior picture quality. A new, pill-sized imaging system that provides doctors with a 3D view of the oesophagus has now been tested Read More

Does Diagnosing Barrett’s Oesophagus Improve Cancer Outcome

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One of the most important questions in the whole field of Barrett’s oesophagus is whether diagnosing it makes any difference. For most people, Barrett’s is a curiosity – the lining of the gullet changes from the normal pale pink to a salmon red colour. It is thought that this decreases the sensitivity to acid and Read More