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Some more amazing diets for IBS sufferers

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Have you been suffering from diarrhoea and are concerned about what foods you can eat? Here are two more daily meal plans that are compatible with IBS Meal plan 1 Meal plan 2 Breakfast: -          Cheese omelette -          Toasted rice bread with butter Lunch: -          Greek salad -          Jacket potato and grated cheese Dinner: -          Read More

IBS Diet – Day 4 and 5

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You have a tummy ache. You are not sure what to eat. Here are some more recipes for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Meal plan 1 Meal plan 2 Breakfast: 2 Poached eggs Rice-bread with sugar free jam Lunch: Prawn and rice salad Dinner: Chicken and sweetcorn Risotto Carrots Fruit salad Breakfast: Cornflakes Chopped nuts Read More

IBS Diet – Day 2 and 3

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Following our last blog on eating with IBS, we have two more meal plans that may appeal to anyone suffering from an irritable bowel. Meal plan 1 Breakfast: 2 egg omelette Chopped apple and pear with soya yoghurt Lunch: Fish-balls Green salad Dinner: Vegetable loaf Coconut rounds Meal plan 2 Breakfast: Sliced peaches 2 Rice-cakes Read More

IBS Diet – Day 1

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Enjoyable IBS Diets Do you want to have an enjoyable IBS diet? People who suffer from IBS may find that certain foods upset them; as such, creating healthy, tasty and nutritious meals may seem like a challenge. Over the next few weeks we will share with you some recipes that should not cause you any Read More

Body weight: what causes hunger and why is it important to maintain a low body weight?

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Everyone gets hungry from time to time. And some people get hungry more often than others. In this article I hope to explain why people get hungry, from a scientific point of view. The brain is composed of lots of different areas, involved in lots of different tasks. One such area is called the hypothalamus. Read More