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Body weight: what causes hunger and why is it important to maintain a low body weight?

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Everyone gets hungry from time to time. And some people get hungry more often than others. In this article I hope to explain why people get hungry, from a scientific point of view. The brain is composed of lots of different areas, involved in lots of different tasks. One such area is called the hypothalamus. Read More

Preventing IBS

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Whilst we deliver a range of professional diagnostic services at the London Gastroenterology Centre, including endoscopy in London, we believe the best way to deal with the digestive problems that can occur naturally throughout life is often through preventative measures. It’s not always easy to prevent the onset of various bowel disorders, but there are Read More

Intestinal Microbiota: The Forgotten Organ

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Although your intestines are very good at digesting the food and drink you consume, it couldn’t do it on its own. To help your digestive system out, your intestines are home to around 100 trillion friendly microorganisms living in your body, collectively known as the microbiota. These microorganisms are nothing to worry about; they are Read More

Food Intolerance VS. Food Allergies

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Physical reactions to certain foods are common, however most are caused by a food intolerance rather than a food allergy. A food intolerance can cause similar signs and symptoms as a food allergy, so when it comes to self-diagnosis, it can be easy to confuse the two