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Dr Shameer MehtaConsultant Gastroenterologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

    Dr Shameer Mehta

    Consultant Gastroenterologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer


    Dr Mehta is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Trust. He has a special interest in Clinical Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and works within the highly-specialised Intestinal Failure Unit at UCLH. He cares for patients with complex nutritional and feeding problems although his clinical practice encompasses all aspects of gastroenterology including endoscopy, dyspepsia, reflux and functional gut disorders such as IBS.

    He has extensive clinical experience in these fields, has given several international presentations on his research work and continues to be involved with multi-national clinical trials to help advance the management of his patients.

    Specialist in:
    Dr Mehta’s longstanding passion has been the delivery of individualised and patient-centred care. He has led on a range of far-reaching service development projects in four different London hospitals, all of which have been focussed on improving patients’ experiences when they are taken ill.

    He explains, ‘My clinical training allows me to provide outstanding care to my patients and to consistently deliver excellent clinical outcomes across the entire scope of my practice. This is based on an evidence-based approach to my work, constantly evaluating my performance and also contributing to what is known in my field through research. However, more than that, I believe the role of a doctor is to heal and not simply to treat. I am therefore passionate about a delivering unique service; one in which my patients are actively involved in decisions regarding their health, as well as in which care is matched to the holistic needs of each individual patient’.

    • Inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis)
    • Malnutrition
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (including diarrhoea, constipation & abdominal bloating)
    • Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux
    • Intestinal Failure
    • Endoscopy, colonoscopy & polypectomy
    • Coeliac disease
    • Gastro-intestinal side effects of cancer treatment

    Dr. Mehta qualified from Guy’s King’s and St. Thomas’ School of Medicine in 2003, having also obtained a BSc with honours in Molecular Medicine from the University of London. He underwent an advanced training programme in the management of patients with complex inflammatory bowel disease and intestinal failure at 3 separate London teaching hospitals before completing a joint fellowship in translational science research at the Blizard Institute, London and medical education at Queen Mary University of London. His work examining the role of microRNAs in the development of intestinal fibrosis in Crohn’s disease is close to completion.

    He was appointed as a Consultant Gastroenterologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2014, with a special interest in Clinical Nutrition and Intestinal Failure.

    National bodies
    • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
    • European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO)
    • European Society for Clinical Nutrition and metabolism (ESPEN)
    • British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG)
    • Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
    • Higher Education Academy (HEA)

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    Dr Mehta sees patients at the 41 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London W1G 8DT


    Dr Mehta is a fee assured BUPA consultant. Patients insured with BUPA should never encounter any shortfalls in their fees.

    Dr Mehta likes to his patients to be comfortable that there will not be unexpected fees. He therefore tries to work within the published fee schedules of all the other major UK private healthcare insurance companies. You should be aware that with the variety of private insurance schemes on the market, you may have personal liabilities due to your policy conditions. Please always check with your insurance company. If you would like a formal quote, we are happy to provide these.

    For patients without insurance, and for people who have taken out insurance with insurance companies outside the UK, please request a quotation. We will usually ask you to pay us directly and reclaim the fees from your insurer. For uninsured patients, Dr Mehta charges £250 for a new consultation and £200 for a follow up consultation. Procedure prices vary, depending on complexity, so, once again, please request a formal quotation from our helpful office staff.

    We are available to see patients daily.

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