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Watermelon Stomach Treatments (Gave)

Laser therapy is useful for stopping bleeding from watermelon stomach. This is a relatively rare condition which causes bleeding in the lower part of the stomach. The findings at endoscopy are characteristic, with red stripes which look like a watermelon.

Laser therapy as a treatment for watermelon stomach is particularly good with this condition. In patients who are dependent on blood transfusions one or two laser sessions is enough the remove the need for blood transfusions for at least a year until the problem returns.

What is watermelon stomach?

Watermelon stomach is a condition in which the blood vessels in the lower part of the stomach become dilated. The cause of this is somewhat unclear. In many patients there is an underlying other problem such as liver cirrhosis or kidney disease, but in some people no cause is found. It is also quite common in patients who have scleroderma or other connective tissue disorders.

In patients with any of these disorders who have unexplained anaemia it is worth doing an endoscopy to check for watermelon stomach. Watermelon Stomach is relatively easily treated with laser therapy. To book your private consultation at our London clinic, please complete the form below.

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