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A lovely letter from an IBS sufferer

We received such a nice letter today. The patient kindly allowed us to post it:

“I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for 20 years. I could feel food going through me and I used to get quite bad stomach aches.

I am so grateful that you did the SmartPill test for me and demonstrated my problem. The medicine you gave me was terrific. I am now feeling better than I have done for more than 20 years. I went to a number of other doctors before I came to you, but you are the first one who has been able to help me.”

Well, we are delighted with that! Let’s hope we can help more people like you. The SmartPill is a new diagnostic test which allows to assess the way the bowel works in a completely new way. We are really improving our understanding of why many people have such bad symptoms from the irritable bowel.

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