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Staging Tests

Once oesophageal cancer has been diagnosed, the next step is to identify the size and exact location of the tumour. This is crucial to inform the experts as to which treatment is best for the patient.

We offer all the standard investigations at top London private hospitals. These include:

CT scan

CT scaning is performed of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. This test assesses the normal anatomy as well as the exact position of the tumour.

Dr Amin, our consultant radiologist is nationally recognised as a leading expert in this field. In order to have a CT scan performed by Dr Amin, one of the physicians or surgeons must see the patient first and make a formal referral. Our experts for staging of oesophageal cancer include Professor Lovat, Professor Mughal and Dr Haidry.

PET scan

This is a different type of scan. It does not assess the shape and size of tumours as CT scan does. Instead it detects increased metabolic activity associated with tumours. It is particularly useful for detection of tiny areas of tumour that were not spotted on CT scan. This is very important as if the tumour has spread outside the oesophagus, this must be identified before a treatment plan is put in place.

Endoscopic ultrasound examination (EUS)

This test is done in selected patients where there is a question about whether the tumour in the oesophagus is involving important surrounding structures such as the heart orthe large blood vessel, the aorta.It is performed by Professor Lovat and Dr Haidry.

Staging Laparoscopy

For many patients, a brief exploratory operation is carried out to ensure that the final tumour surgery is likely to be successful. This test is performed by our surgeon, Professor Mughal.

Please note that staging investigations can be carried out within a matter of days. This means that patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer can rapidly move on to treatment, rather than spending a long time going through these tests, as often happens elsewhere.


Treatments for oesophageal cancer vary depending on the extent and size of the tumour as well as the symptoms the patient is suffering.


Although surgery is the ‘gold[-standard’ treatment for oesophageal cancer, most people with the disease do not have this treatment. We do not currently offer surgery, but we do offer a series of other treatments which are suitable for many patients with oesophageal cancer.

Endoscopic Treatments

We offer a range of endoscopic treatments including placing oesophageal stents, laser therapy, photodynamic therapy and oesophageal dilatation. These may be needed by many patients at later stages in their treatment pathway. For more information on these procedures for oesophageal cancer, please click on the relevant links.

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