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All our consultants are fee assured BUPA consultants and are also part of the BUPA Premier Consultant Partnership. Patients insured with BUPA should never encounter any shortfalls in their fees.

At the London Gastroenterology Centre, we want our patients to be comfortable that there will not be unexpected fees. We therefore try to work within the published fee schedules of all the other major UK private healthcare insurance companies. You should know however that with the very wide variety of private insurance schemes on the market, you may have personal liabilities. This is particularly common with WPA patients who often agree to pay a proportion of all fees. Please always check with your insurance company. If you would like a formal quote, we are happy to provide these.

For patients without insurance, and for people who have taken out insurance with insurance companies outside the UK, please request a formal quotation. We will usually ask you to pay us directly and reclaim the fees from your insurer.

For uninsured patients, a new consultation is likely to cost from £250-£350 depending on the nature of the problem and the consultant you are seeing. Follow up consultations are likely to cost from £200-300.

Endoscopy Fees

We are pleased to offer endoscopy packages for self-pay patients.

Diagnostic Endoscopy at the London Clinic costs £1,450 including the surgeon and laboratory fees.

Colonoscopy Fees

Colonoscopy at the London Clinic costs £1,925 including the surgeon and laboratory fees.

There may be extra fees if complex pathology tests are required.

Fees for Other Services

Please contact our office if you would like a formal quote for other tests. Please note that most tests are actually offered by the hospital and not by our doctors. We may need to refer you to the hospital to get a correct quote for your specific test.

Please also note that fees are subject to change. The fees published on this page should be treated as a guide.

We are available to see patients daily.

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