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  • " Just wanted to again express my gratitude to you as a colleague who was willing to advise freely and provide support! Thank you!"

    Dr MN, USA
  • “Very many thanks to Alexandra Guilfoyle for her incredible efficiency in booking me an appointment. Thank you of course to Professor Lovat for your reassurance and recommendations.”

    Ms KF, London
  • “I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for 20 years. I could feel food going through me and I used to get quite bad stomach aches.” “I am so grateful that you did the SmartPill test for me and demonstrated my problem. The medicine you gave me was terrific. I am now feeling better than I have done for more than 20 years. I went to a number of other doctors before I came to you, but you are the first one who has been able to help me.”

    Mrs AC, Bournemouth
  • “The endoscopy was a breeze. You made it so easy. The staff were so friendly and reassuring. I would happily go through another one although I hope I won’t need to!”

    Dr EM, London
  • “First and foremost, I must again extend my most sincere gratitude to you, Prof. Mughal’s PA, for both your professionalism and compassion in assisting us this past week. It’s all too often that patients forget the fact that whilst they may be seeing a medical professional, it’s the support team that makes the process work seamlessly and to perfection. YOU were and are that seam of perfection that made things move so well for us. And for this, I extend my most sincere and profound gratitude to you. Thank you very much indeed! I also cannot find the vocabulary to tell you how impressed all of us were with Prof Mughal. He so gently and professionally disarmed my wife from her fears and offered, for the first time since her diagnosis, a clear and concise overview of her cancer and the mapping of how we should now proceed. Prof. Mughal’s exceptional professionalism served to help an extremely frightened family, for the first time in many months, find a small island of calm and especially hope! Hope is always that driving force that can change lives. I believe this passionately. So, again, I am deeply indebted. I would be most grateful if you could extend my sincere gratitude and respect to Prof Mughal for his infinite patience and gentle care yesterday.”

    Mr BH, Surrey
  • “I need to thank you, most sincerely, for your interest and work on my throat problem. The extent and accuracy that you can achieve truly amaze me.”

    Mr PJ, Kent
  • “Now that my wedding day is approaching I take this opportunity to thank you profoundly for your help and devotion all along.”

    Mr PG, London
  • “Once again, I’d like to thank you for your kindness and sensitive approach to your patients. It is really deeply appreciated.”

    Mrs DP, London
  • “You talk to the patient before the endoscopy and make him feel comfortable. You have light hands and the endoscopy didn’t hurt. I thought it would be painful but it was not at all.”

    Mrs KAG, Kuwait
  • “I can not find words to express my gratitude to Professor Mughal and to you as well… I had a very good and quick recovery, almost a painless procedure and outcome.”

    Dr GK, Egypt
  • The amazing thing is that the overgrowth and the tumour that you removed have not grown back, you saved his life, God bless you.

    Mrs LD, Hertfordshire
  • “No retching? You did my gastroscopy with no retching? How did you manage that? Amazing! I was in a state. I delayed coming for 2 months until my husband said “Your life is so miserable. Go and do it.” If I’d known I would have come much sooner.”

  • “Many thanks for your telephone call yesterday although I did not appreciate the full significance of your ‘announcement’ until we had hung up. Good news indeed for us, and even better than I had anticipated. Thank you very much and heartfelt congratulations on the result achieved to date by you”

    Mr PJ, Kent
  • “Thank you so much for your letter. He is so appreciative of everything you did for him plus the comfort you gave us as a family with your explanations and expertise. It has never been a hardship coming to London as you are all an amazing team.”

    Mrs SC, Jersey
  • “Before the endoscopy: “I have the gag reflex of kings.” After the endoscopy: “That was a laugh! It was good. It was very good. Considering I was terrified about being semi-conscious, it was fantastic.” After the colonoscopy: “I nearly fell asleep. Soothing in a way. Like the ebb and tide of the ocean.”

    Mr AT, London
  • This letter came from the daughter of an old lady who was admitted as an emergency to hospital when she was unable to swallow: “I would like to thank you form the bottom of your heart not only for your readiness to perform endoscopy on a Sunday evening but also for the exceptional kindness towards both my mother and myself”

    Mrs JL, Cambridge
  • “I would like to take this oportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your efforts, and to pass on my deepest and sincere appreciation and gratitude to Professor Mughal. On both a professional and personal level, I really appreciated the time that the two of us were able to spend together. I was very pleased with the consultation from my perspective as we discussed the surgical option of my condition.”

    Mr GK, London
  • Since my last appointment, which seems so long ago now, I took one of your suggestions to heart and I cut milk out of my diet. The effects have been fantastic and this looks like the final missing piece of the puzzle. For the first time in a few years I feel like a normal person. I have resisted writing and saying thank you for helping me along the journey of sorting out this SIBO, Wheat, and now Milk combo of tummy evils which have made my life quite difficult for the last 5 years or so because I didn’t want to jinx my good health. I am feeling so much better and confident enough to say thank you knowing that tomorrow too will be another day just like any other. I can’t express what it is like to have my energy levels reflect my lifestyle, a stomach that only bloats out when I fill it with food, mouth ulcers gone, skin issues under control, hair not falling out, gas volumes like everyone else, emergency sprints to the loo only after a sketchy meal, etc. Thank you for methodically organising my journey back to good health.

    Ms LW, London
  • About 4 years ago, I began experiencing very painful symptoms, like severe chest pain, excruciating upper abdominal pain, shortness of breath and nausea. During those years I was hospitalised nine times in two hospitals. After numerous tests during the first 3 months, the specialists diagnosed achalasia. The pain was so severe that I begged my wife to take me to Switzerland to have the lethal injection. I continued taking a multitude of medication but to no avail. About one year ago, one of my specialists referred me to Dr Laurence Lovat, a fine Gastroenterologist, who, with his outtanding expertise managed to make a new man out of me. I have a great deal to thank him for and would like to take this opportunity of wishing him and his family good health and happiness always.

    Mr AW, Hertfordshire
  • I would like to extend my respects to Professor Lovat and his team. In an oblique sort of way, I have enjoyed being part of the process, which under the Professor’s explanation, I could even pretend to understand. Such close tolerances, applied to such a spongy environment amazes me. Perhaps I already know enough! A privilege: so again, with the kindest regards and very many thanks.

    Mr PJ, Kent
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and in particular Professor Laurence Lovat for the treatment I have received relating to my Barrett’s oesophagus condition. I was recommended for Halo radiofrequency ablation treatment offered by Prof Lovat at UCL following routine gastroscopy in October 2014 at my local hospital at which time it was discovered I had a number of pre cancerous nodules. From the first consultation, Prof Lovat helped me come to terms with my condition, the treatment options, put me at ease and reassured me all the way through the process. Following investigation the nodules were found to be cancerous and were removed. I subsequently underwent the latest Halo treatment in January & April 2015 to remove the Barrett’s condition and I have just been given the all clear. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been recommended to Prof Lovat and that it was possible for me to receive the treatment so quickly. I now feel great and look forward to living my life normally. Once again, I cannot thank you enough fore all your kind help and assistance.

    Mr FB, Essex

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