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Seeing a consultant at the London Gastroenterology Centre isn’t that different from an appointment with your usual family doctor. You will simply be offered some specialist tests and treatments, alongside expert advice from an experienced gastroenterologist.

The doctor will usually begin by asking about your symptoms and any relevant lifestyle factors. A physical examination will probably be required, so it is best to wear something loose that will allow you to uncover your chest and abdomen easily. Additional tests may be needed before a diagnosis can be made. You will also have a chance to discuss your condition and treatment options or to ask any questions.

You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to provide support. It can be helpful to have another person or some notes to remind you of what you want to tell the doctor and to help you remember everything the doctor tells you. You should also bring a referral letter if you have one, along with any relevant test results or health insurance information.

We make every effort to run on time, but there is always a chance of the occasional delay or emergency at the clinic. Most patients are seen within ten minutes of their appointment, so please make sure to arrive on time to help us keep the clinic running smoothly.

We are available to see patients daily.

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