Do I need an endoscopy – and how much will it cost?

Sep 10, 2018

There’s a number of reasons why people might need an endoscopy. The procedure, sometimes also called a ‘gastroscopy’, involves a thin flexible tube with a camera at the end, called an endoscope, which is carefully passed through the mouth and throat – enabling a specialist to have a close look at the lining of the oesophagus, stomach and upper small bowel. This can be very useful in detecting changes and early signs of abnormalities, as well as diagnosing certain conditions. Our information video on ‘What diseases can be caught in the early stages by a colonoscopy or endoscopy?’ explains more.

How much does an endoscopy cost?

The overall cost of a private endoscopy can vary depending on exactly what needs to be done during the procedure, as certain elements can sometimes change depending on the needs of the patient and the purpose of the investigations. For example, sometimes a biopsy might be taken (a small piece of tissue is removed for examination), or treatments might be administered at the same time. Other costs, including hospital hire costs, will also be factored in. On average, a private endoscopy will cost around £1500.


Does an endoscopy hurt and can I be sedated?

An endoscopy shouldn’t be painful. The endoscope is inserted very gently, and an anaesthetic throat spray is applied first to help numb the area and make it easier for you to ‘swallow’ the tube as it’s inserted. You’ll also be given a plastic mouthpiece to make keeping your mouth slightly open more comfortable. A lot of people remain fully awake while having the procedure and, while it may feel a little unnatural, are totally fine with it. However, many people simply don’t like the thought of a tube going down their throat. If this is the case and you are anxious about it, there’s the option to be sedated. This is very routine and you’ll still be able to go home the same day, but you will need somebody to take you home as you’ll be groggy and drowsy afterwards. Our information video on ‘Is an endoscopy painful?’ explains more, and there’s more information about sedative options for endoscopies on our ‘Endoscopy’ page.

How do you prepare for an endoscopy?

There are a few important things to be aware of in terms of preparing for an endoscopy. After the procedure is booked, you will be given an information booklet/letter explaining this in full. The key thing is not to eat anything for six hours before the test. You can drink clear fluids until four hours beforehand. There may be additional preparations for patients who are on certain medications, such as diabetes and blood thinning drugs – if this applies, we would go through a checklist with you in advance and advise on anything additional that applies. There’s more information on preparing for an endoscopy on our ‘Endoscopy’ page.

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