Mar 8, 2022

What’s a Gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is one out of many endoscopy procedures that we perform here at the London Gastroenterology Center

This procedure examines the inside of your body with the use of an instrument named endoscope. The endoscope is a long very thin tube that has a video camera at the end. And is used to diagnose and investigate symptoms in the upper digestive parts of the body. 

How does the Gastroscopy works? 

The Gastroscopy procedure looks into your food pipe, stomach, and small intestine. An endoscopy tube can be inserted into your body through your mouth or anus. inserting the tube isn’t painful, but might be uncomfortable. Children who go through this procedure are often under general anesthetic. Adults on the other hand are normally under a local anesthetic that is used to numb their throat or anus; some might even ask for a sedative injection. The procedure must be taken without any tongue studs, glasses, contacts lenses. 

How does Diagnosing a condition happen?

Once the endoscope is inside and in order to diagnose a certain condition, there must be air blown into your stomach. which will show if there is anything unusual such as holes, lumps, blockages, redness, or anything else that is unusual. As a result of the gastroscopy test air being blown you may make you feel uncomfortable and have certain symptoms such as feeling bloated or burping, once the procedure is over these symptoms shall pass. is anything unusual is found, a tissue example will be taken (biopsy) which then will be sent to a lab in order to further examine the sample. 


If you’re about to go through a gastroscopy there is nothing to fear, as it truly is a simple and short procedure that can save your life or your loved ones. any further questions you may have about this procedure you can contact your doctor or contact us through our website we’d be happy to help! 

wishing you lots of health

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