What Happens When You Have a Gastroscopy?

Jan 31, 2018

A gastroscopy is a type of endoscopy that is used to look at your throat, stomach and upper intestine. It is one of the investigative procedures that your gastroenterologist London can perform to help diagnose your condition. 

Why is Gastroscopy Performed?

Gastroscopy allows your doctor to see what is going on in the upper part of your digestive system. It can therefore provide some valuable information about your health. Your gastroenterologist may recommend having a gastroscopy at the clinic in London in order to:

  • Find out what is causing symptoms such as abdominal pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Confirm a suspected diagnosis of stomach ulcers, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or other conditions
  • Perform treatments such as removing growths or stopping bleeding from an ulcer

The Gastroscopy Procedure

Gastroscopy is performed using a special tool called an endoscope. The endoscope is a long, flexible tube with a camera at one end. The tube is fed through your mouth and down your throat. It can pass all the way through your stomach and into the upper part of your small intestine. The doctor will therefore be able to check for problems affecting these parts of your digestive system.

An anaesthetic spray will be used to numb your throat before the procedure begins. Your gastroenterologist may recommend having a sedative too, as it can help you to stay relaxed during the procedure. You shouldn’t feel any pain at all during the procedure, but the endoscope may feel a little bit uncomfortable. The doctor will ask you to swallow as the camera is fed down your throat, which can help it to move more smoothly.

The whole procedure can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and you should be able to go home on the same day. You will then be able to return to the London clinic to discuss the results and your next steps with the specialist.

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